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A drawing...

2010-03-29 18:46:20 by Kitcattt

Well, I submited one drawing of mine, but every time I go check it out, it says "THIS USER HAS NOT BEEN SCOUTED YET." . It would be cool, if You'd check it out. Link : cattt/altaiir

Stop motion animation

2009-06-07 06:07:28 by Kitcattt

I'm making a stop-motion animation with my friend and if it's a sucsess, I'm going to submit it to newgrounds. Here's a screenshot. :) It's a clay version of the TOFUZILLA, but with a difrent scenario. :)

Stop motion animation

My Flash movie!

2009-02-21 10:40:39 by Kitcattt

I submited my flash movie "A little walk". Here is the link:
. I hope you enjoy it. Oh, and by the I'm creating the second episode of "A little walk".

My Flash movie!


2009-02-15 14:50:00 by Kitcattt

I think I've got myself a teacher. :D

Could sombody teach me how to anmate? Becouse I realy want to manke flash movies for Newgrounds. I know the basics, but Help to learn more! So if you can help me write me a PM.

Can someone teach me to animate?

My First normal flash MOVIE!

2008-11-30 10:15:15 by Kitcattt

I'm making a flash MOVIE
now. A normal one (I hope :3).


2008-07-22 09:45:28 by Kitcattt

Hi! I am realy glad that I know Negrounds . I realy like to draw so this is one of my drawings :)